New Mexico Weight Distance Tax Permit

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New Mexico Weight Distance Permit

All the companies in the USA, let it be Mexico or Canada, has to make some federal filings and government registrations. This helps the government keep a check on companies. All the worksites have to be compliant with the norms of the government. All the industries are regulated strictly by the government, timely registrations and payment of taxes is something that is must in USA for everyone, let it be a medical industry, an IT firm or a commercial  transport and vehicle industry.  new  mexico weight distance tax is a tax that is imposed by the government of the USA on the people involved in commercial transportation and vehicle industry. The tax imposed depends upon two parameters, distance that is travelled by the vehicle and the weight of the goods being transported. The permit which one gets after paying the tax is electronic.

The new mexico weight distance tax is imposed on both inter state and intra state vehicles which have  weight exceeding more than 26,000 pounds. The tax gets under implemented only for the Roads of Mexico and the vehicles of Mexico. The owners of the companies must apply and get the tax paid after each quarter year to avoid obstacles of the government. The permit can be filed electronically, direct or through any agency which will charge up to 50 Dollars. Vehicles that pay the new mexico weight distance tax and travel interstate is issued an IRP Plate and vehicles that travel intrastate are allotted a weight-distance plate.

Here is a list of some of the information fields that are required while filing the new mexico weight distance tax- Legal Business Name, DBA (if any), FEIN / SSN, Contact Person’s Full Name, Vehicle Year, Vehicle Make, Vehicle VIN Number, Type of Vehicle, Plate Number, List of Additional Vehicles.  

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