Registered Agent

All businesses formed or registered to do business in the State of South Carolina must appoint a South Carolina registered office and a South Carolina registered agent. A registered agent is the person your company designates to accept service of process and legal documents from the State or Government on your company’s behalf along with providing you with a physical address. A registered agent must be available during normal business hours at that address in case acceptance of service of process is needed. A P O Box is not acceptable.

As well as the State of South Carolina requiring you have a registered agent, the FMCSA requires it too. If you are operating a process agency in another state, you will be required to have registered agents in the lower (48) states. We can help you with this, too!

The requirement to designate a South Carolina registered agent may seem like an inconvenience, but you’re forming a company outside of your base state to operate in other states therefore it is mandatory to have someone represent your company domestically. As your agent, we will notify you in real-time and get the documents to you as quickly as possible. This service is $125.00 annually. Please complete the following form or contact us today to become your company’s registered agent.

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