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UCR Registration

What is UCR?
UCR (Unified Carrier Registration) is an agreement requiring individuals/companies operating commercial motor vehicles in interstate or international commerce to register their business with a participating state. Upon registering, an annual fee is due based on the size of the fleet.

Why is there a UCR Program?
Annual fees collected by the states go towards supporting safety programs and DOT officer training. Every company with an active DOT number traveling across state lines is required to pay UCR fees to their base state (the state in which you operate out of). If your base state does not participate, you must file and pay your fees through a neighboring, participating state.

Fees can be paid by YOU by going to using the Internet Explorer web browser. If you would rather someone handle this on your behalf, read beyond the Tier Scale.

2018 UCR Fees are as follows:
$69.00 for 0 to 2 vehicles;
$206.00 for 3 to 5 vehicles;
$410.00 for 6 to 20 vehicles;
$1,431.00 for 21 to 100 vehicles;
Brokers pay the 0 to 2 fee tier;
Leasing Companies pay the 0 to 2 fee tier;
Trailers are NOT included in UCR fees.
A convenience fee is added when paying this fee online.


What happens if I fail to pay my UCR fees?
Failure to pay your fees will have major impacts on your business. Ramifications include DOT officers parking your vehicle(s) until the fees are paid in full and possible citations.

We can process your application for $50.00 plus UCR fees, saving you time and unnecessary paperwork. Complete the application below and someone will contact you immediately.

Who has to apply for the UCR Registration Online?

  1. A self-driven motor carrier having the gross amount of the carrier or the vehicle weight more than 10,000 pounds.
  2. Any vehicle designed to carry the maximum eight numbers of passengers in the interstate commerce including the driving person.
  3. Any motor carrier or vehicle which is carrying and transporting any dangerous or hazardous substance or chemical in the interstate commerce.
  4. The private motors carrying and transporting the property on the commercial motor carrier that would have the gross amount of weight more than 10,000 pounds.
  5. The leasing companies or organizations have to go for the UCR Registration Online.
  6. Cargo Carriers.
  7. Brokers.

What are the requirements for the UCR Registration Online?
For the UCR registration Onlineyou have to file the annual application and pay the annual fees also.

Legal Business Name*
MC/MX/FF or US DOT Number*
Mailing Address*
Select Carrier Type
Total Number of Straight Trucks and Tractors
Total Number of Passenger Vehicles: (carrying more than 10 people)
Total Number of Other Vehicles operated not listed above used for Compensation
Contact Person's Full Name*
Phone Number*