BOC-3 Filings Process Agent

BOC stands for Blanket of Coverage. It is a United States federal filing designating legal agents upon which a process may be served. This filing pertains to for hire and private carriers and also includes brokers, freight forwarders and leasing companies in the Transportation and Logistics Industry. This filing is required before  operating authority can be granted within the United States and Canada.

BOC-3 filing explained: A blanket filing designating a process agent in the lower (48) states where a trucking company operates. It allows the designated process agent to receive and forward legal documents on your behalf. Trucks for Hire, Private Carriers, Freight Forwarders, Leasing Companies, and Brokers are all required to have this filing in place with the FMCSA. New transportation companies without the BOC-3 filing will not be granted operating authority and existing transportation companies that have the BOC-3 filing dropped will have their operating authority revoked.

The BOC-3 filing will include the following benefits for $125.00:

  • Free, unlimited transportation and logistics consulting
  • FMCSA and DOT safety compliance assistance
  • Consistent monitoring and re-filing of the BOC-3 (when necessary)
  • FMCSA and US DOT information electronically submitted
  • Annual updates as required per the FMCSA and DOT


The charge for being your company’s process agent is $125.00 annually. The calendar year runs from January 1 to December 31. Any company that hires Government Filings after November 1 of the calendar year is exempt from fees the following calendar year. Complete the following application and payment details for your BOC-3 filing to be electronically filed today or give us a call!

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