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ELD Mandate Requirements

The ELD mandate went into effect on December 18, 2017. Driver are required to have the following information available at all times if requested by a safety officer:

— The ELD Device Instruction Card
— ELD User Manual
— The last 7 days of logs plus that day’s current log (either paper or via the ELD system)
— Record keeping procedures during an ELD malfunction
— Malfunction Reporting Requirements Instruction Card (this is sometimes found on the ELD device instruction card depending on your ELD provider)

— IF you’re under the (90) day waiver through March 18, 2018, you must have documentation in the vehicle stating you are in compliance to operate under the waiver.

— IF you’re in an accident while under the (90) day waiver through March 18, 2018, and are in an accident, it must be reported to the FMCSA within (5) business days.

— Back office support MUST have a signed/dated form from each driver using the ELD that states training has been received to operate the installed ELD.