FMCSA PIN Numbers – The Difference and The Importance

When applying for Operating Authority, motor carriers will receive two PIN numbers. Brokers and Freight Forwarders will receive one PIN number. Motor Carriers are issues two PIN numbers. They are the MC PIN number (also known as the Docket PIN number) and DOTPIN number.Brokers and Freight Forwarders will be issued MC PIN number only.


Each PIN number is unique and will be seven digits in length using a mixture of numbers and letters. The letter O versus the number 0 and the letter I versus a lower-case L can confuse many people. The sequence of PIN numbers is the same for both the MC # Pin number and the DOT Number Pin number. PIN number sequence is: number, letter, number, number, letter, letter, number, letter. This will help making heads and tails out of iffy numbers and letters.


The DOT Number PIN number is to update your DOT carrier information. The MC Number PIN number is for updating your motor carrier profile. DOT PIN numbers are obtained after completing the application for operating authority. It is emailed immediately. However, many people miss this email and still need their DOT PIN number. The MC PIN number is only sent via mail by the FMCSA. It can take 2-3 weeks for you to receive this PIN number if the FMCSA is running behind. Most people find they receive it around the (7) day mark though. If after (7) days you do not have your MC PIN number, it’s a good idea to order it.


PIN numbers are vital to update your company’s information. The FMCSA requires motor carrier profiles be updated annually while DOT requires your DOT company information be updated biennially. Upon completing the DOT update, an MCS-150 Report is generated. It’s important you print this out (and sign if necessary) for your company records.


If you cannot locate one your PIN numbers, give us a call and we can assist you at no charge!



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