FMCSA Terminology

If you’ve opened a new company that requires knowledge in Transportation and Logistics, then it is no secret you’re learning new terminology. See below for acronyms and what they stand for:

• 49CFR – 49th section of the Code of Federal Regulations
These are the laws that are written. These parts are specific to the trucking industry. Parts 40 and 300-399.
• FMCSA – Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration
• BOC-3 – Blanket of Coverage, Form #3
• DOT – Department of Transportation, also known as USDOT
• MC Number – Motor Carrier number (number is unique)
• DOT Number – Department of Transportation Number (number is unique)
• MC – Motor Carrier
• FF – Freight Forwarder
• MX – Mexican Carrier
• OP-1 – Operations Form #1
• MCS-150 – Motor Carrier Safety Report #150
• IRP – International Registration Plan
• IFTA – International Fuel Tax Agreement
• NY HUT – New York Highway Use Tax
• KYU – If you figure it out, tell me!
• NMWDT – New Mexico Weight Distance Tax permit
• Oregon PUC – Oregon Public Utility Commission permit
• UCR – Unified Carrier Registration
• ELD – Electronic Logging Device
• EIN – Employer Identification Number. Sometimes people also refer to this as their taxpayer ID number. Employer Identification Number is the correct term.
• CMV – Commercial Motor Vehicle
• GVW – Gross Vehicle Weight
• GCW –Gross Vehicle Combination Weight = Tractor + Trailer + Load
• GVWR – Gross Vehicle Weight Rating
• HAZMAT – Hazardous Materials
• IVMR – Individual Vehicle Mileage Record (aka Trip Sheet)
• SCAC – Standard Carrier Alpha Code
• TX DMV Number – Texas Department of Motor Vehicles Number (unique number for Texas Intrastate Authority)
• TX DOT Number – Texas Department of Transportation (which is now the TX DMV for Intrastate Authority)
• CA Number – California Intrastate Number (unique number to California Intrastate Authority)
• URS – Unified Registration System
• VIN – Vehicle Identification Number
• O/O – Owner Operator
• CSA – Compliance, Safety, Accountability

There are so many more acronyms in the Transportation world, but this list will give you a good start to understanding others in this industry.

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