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Unified Registration System

** The new Unified Registration Date is TO BE DETERMINED**

Unified Registration System (URS) refers to an online platform for tracking all information about entities in the Transportation and Logistics Industries. This system will allow for registrations and information to be gathered on motor carriers in one specific system versus several different systems.  All freight forwarders, freight brokers and motor carriers (including private and for-hire motor carriers of passengers and freight) under the jurisdiction of the FMCSA will be required to register with this platform. Historically, entities were able to obtain an MC number for the purposes of collecting and storing information. However, this new system eliminates all of the miscellaneous numbers and replaces them with a single, unchanging US DOT number.

Implementation of URS will require ALL Interstate Carriers (private and for-hire) to have the BOC-3 filing and Insurance filing(s) in place under their current US DOT Number (originally this was under the MC Number).

**New applicants will still need to apply for authority. The difference there will be it will be assigned under the US DOT number (not the MC number).**

Do not wait until the last-minute to take care of this. As always, there is a chance while information is being transferred, the website could crash. That may incur additional penalties if you do not comply within the ninety day window. If you hired us as your process agency or hire us in the future, we will/can monitor the transfer of your information into the URS system. We will/can assist your company by completing a URS Portal registration and electronically file your BOC-3 filing as well as speaking with your Insurance Agent on your behalf to transfer the insurance filings necessary to stay/become compliant.

Let us help you remain compliant! Give us a call today.

FMCSA Unified Registration System &Unified Carrier Registration System

FMCSA refers to Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration; it is a government agency that is responsible for the regulation and offering the safety faults. FMCSA unified carrier registration system is for the commercial motor vehicles which has the motive and is aimed to reduce the injuries, hits involving big motor carriers.

Steps for the FMCSA Unified Carrier Registration System

  1. Determination of FMCSA registration requirements.
  2. Complete the application process
  3. Determination of State registration requirements.
  4. Start new entrant safety assurance program.
  5. Obtaining the USDOT Number.
  6. Maintaining/updating the USDOT number.

What is Unified Carrier Registration system?
Unified carrier registration system is a new online registration system that is designed for the registration and collection of the fees from the operator of the motor carrier that are involved in the interstate transport. It has simplified the FMCA unified carrier registration system. It was established in the year 2005. In the unified carrier registration system through the base state, the respective fee is collected.