How to Correctly Complete the OP-1 Form for Operating Authority

Often when applying for operating authority, a person spends more than the $300.00 applying for operating authority. Although the FMCSA provides instructions for this form, this FAQs page is a better understanding of How toComplete the OP-1. Read below for hints and tips for specific questions during the application process.

Legal Name:
• If you’re a sole proprietor, YOUR name goes here. The company name you want to use will go in the DBA field. Ex: Legal Name: John Smith, DBA Name: ABC Company
• If you’re a corporation or LLC, etc., you want to have already completed the paperwork with your base state’s Secretary of State. Once that is done, you can put the name from your Articles in the Legal Name field. In the DBA field, you would put the name you chose on the Articles for your DBA name.

Phone Number:
If you don’t want to be bombarded with 3rd party companies calling and trying to sell you services you can do yourself, put in your area code followed by 000-0000.

Complete the address field and make sure it does NOT duplicate in the Address Line 2. If so, it will duplicate on the FMCSA Motor Carrier Profile and you’ll have to complete a Form 5889 to remove the duplicate address.

Types of Operating Authority:
Motor Carrier of Property: Only select this one type. Do NOT select yes to IEP, Household Goods, Broker, or Freight Forwarder.
Motor Carrier of Passengers: Only select this type of authority. Do NOT select yes to IEP, Household Goods, Broker, of Freight Forwarder.

NOTE: Everytime you select YES to a type of operating authority, you are adding $300.00 to your payment.

Completing the OP-1 Form for operating authority does not seem complicated until you’re at the end of the questions and your bill is $1200.00 and you only need to spend $300.00! Use these hints to spend only the necessary amount of money. The government does NOT refund for application errors.

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