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Reinstate Operating Authority

Who should reinstate Operating Authority?
Reinstating operating authority does not have to be hard. Operating authority (MC/MX/FF number) is sometimes revoked. When that happens, you will need to have it reinstated. Reasons for revocation include: invalid insurance coverage, BOC-3 filing fell off and was not re-filed, safety complaints, etc.

To reinstate authority, you must:
Pay a $300.00 reinstatement fee to the FMCSA.
File the BOC-3 filing with the FMCSA.
File the insurance filings with the FMCSA.

Our agency can assist you with the reinstatement process including speaking with your Insurance Agent on your behalf to have correct filings electronically submitted to the FMCSA immediately. The fee is $550.00. This includes the $300.00 reinstatement fee and electronically re-filing the BOC-3 filing.

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