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SC Entity Set-up

What is an Entity Setup?
An Entity Set-up is when you start a business and it is a Corp., LLC or sole proprietor. There are more entity options available but these three remain the top (3) people choose.

Why do I need this for my business?
It is important to start your business up correctly and legally. Besides that, it is always in your best interest to separate business assets from personal assets while ensuring the flexibility to run your business as you choose.

We can assist you with your Entity Set-up by choosing an available business name, file formal paperwork (Articles of Organization) and create an operating agreement if more than (1) member as well as assigning a registered agent that will not require an annual registered agent fee.

Who can help me with starting my business?
Our experienced staff can help you with starting up your new business. With over (15) years experience, we can have your organization electronically filed today! Let us help you with launching your new business today. Please call our office at 888.850.3837 (toll free) or 843.992.8869 (direct).

What does this cost include?
Business Entity Set-up
State fees
Certified Copy of Articles of Incorporation/Organization, etc
EIN (employer tax ID number aka tax ID number)

SC Entity Set Up

There are certain steps you have to follow for the SC entity setup if you are willing to form a corporation in South Carolina. The procedure will begin with the selection of the name where you have to choose a name for your organization and end with its start. For the SC entity setup the first step include selection of the name that would define the purpose or business of the company, a name that would give a glance about what product you manufacture, its purpose or need etc. or if you are service provider then it should depict it.

Then there comes the Articles of Incorporation where you have to draft the filing with the South Carolina where you have to provide the name, address, and other necessary details of the company. You can do all this by appointing a registered agent, where for the SC entity setup where every corporation in the South Carolina must have an agent for the service processes in the state.

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