Certificate of Authority

You applied for operating authority only to find out that isn’t the only step. You then hired a Process Agent to file your BOC-3 and contacted your insurance agent to file the correct filings with the FMCSA. Are you ready to see your business collide with the pavement?

Not so fast!

There is one more step. You must have a Certificate of Authority in hand prior to crossing state lines. The certificate means your operating authority has been granted. The FMCSA usually mails your FREE certificate of authority out within 3-4 days. If 10 or more days have passed since your operating authority has been granted and you still have not received the certificate, contact the FMCSA at 1.800.832.5660 and request it.

Certificate of Authority is oftenreferred to as a quick permit. They are one and the same. You will receive many phone calls and solicitation emails from 3rd party companies trying to sell you a certificate of authority. Remember, the FMCSA sends this out for FREE. If you are someone that wants to begin operations immediately, you do NOT need to hire a 3rd party company to receive your certificate of authority. You can go to www.iccasap.com and download it immediately for $17.50! This is one of many websites 3rd party companies use, and they pay $17.50 then overcharge the hell out of YOU for YOUR certificate.

Save yourself the hassle and unnecessary costs associated with the Certificate of Authority (Quick Permit). Either wait out the FMCSA or order it yourself.

Hope this helps save your money, so you can put it where it’s needed!

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