About Us

Hi. I’m Angela Watford, owner of Government Filings LLC. I began working in the Transportation Industry since 2004. During my time as an employee for someone else, I saw many things I disliked.  It blows my mind the prices 3rd party companies charge companies for services needed. It’s worse knowing these companies cold call companies applying for operating authority and tell one untruth after the other. Knowledge is power and when you hire GFL, you’re going to learn the trucking business inside and out. I will help you each step of the way. There will not be any sales pitches of why you need to hire me. The BOC-3 package speaks for itself and when we’re done talking, you will have a much clearer vision of what you’re doing, why you’re doing it and how you should do it.

This company is founded on the principle that true customer service involves more than a great attitude and knowledge. Charging a fair price is of the utmost importance! I will listen to your specific needs and form a plan tailored specifically for you and your company. There is NO reason to charge fees for services you can do yourself. That’s where Government Filings LLC comes in. I believe in educating you and assisting you all while saving your company money.

The transportation industry is more than a passion for me. Regulations and processes are second nature so feel free to reach out with questions and let’s see if we can work together. You will not be bounced around from customer service representative to customer service representative; you will always speak directly with me. After all, I’m the only person here. 🙂