Operating Authority

Operating Authority is a motor carrier’s right to operate a commercial vehicle to transport goods or passengers. This unique number dictates the operations of your company and the types of commodity hauled. There are several types of operating authority and depending on what your company specializes in, you may need more than (1). The most common types of Operating Authority are: Common Carrier, Contract Carrier, Freight Forwarders and Brokers.  However, we can assist you with any operating authority needed to become compliant with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).

Let us help you obtain your operating authority! We can have your operating authority number (MC, MX, FF, etc) assigned to you within (1) hour. Our package includes:

  • Motor Carrier Number Application and $300.00 filing fee
  • USDOT Number
  • 1st year’s BOC-3 filing
  • Quick Permit (Certificate of Authority)
  • Registration Requirements for States you will travel through
  • Compliance and Consulting on all other needs

All operating authority packages are $699.00 except a transfer of operating authority. To transfer your operating authority will be a cost of $775.00. You will need to call our office to have the transfer of authority done as it requires more information.

Please fill out the following and get your motor carrier number within an hour.



Operating Authority