What is the difference between IRP and IFTA?
The difference is: IRP is a cooperative agreement for registering vehicles that travel into two (2) or more jurisdictions. IFTA (International Fuel Tax Agreement) is an agreement between member jurisdictions for the uniform collection and distribution of fuel tax revenues.

What is IRP and IFTA?
The International Registration Plan (IRP) and International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) are cooperative programs to collect and distribute registration and fuel tax revenue between member states and Canadian provinces. The programs benefit carriers by consolidating licensing and reporting requirements through the base (home) state.

IRP: (also known as Apportioned Plates)
IRP is required for vehicles over 26,000 lbs. OR have (3) or more axles on a power unit and cross state lines. Once registered, you will receive an apportioned license plate and an apportioned cab card showing all states you’re registered to drive in for each unit.

IFTA is the fuel tax decals and license for the same vehicle.

Government Filings LLC can set-up your IRP and IFTA accounts on your behalf. The cost is $298.00 plus state fees. Please contact me if interested. From there, we can determine what supporting documentation will be required to have your accounts set up.

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