What is UCR?
A fee paid by your company to train USDOT officers; keeping them up-to-date on regulations, etc.

Am I required to participate?
If you operate under a USDOT number that is listed as “Interstate Authority”, yes. What that means is if you cross into another state from the state you’re registered in, you must pay UCR fees. These fees are due annually and are based on the number of commercial vehicles in your fleet that cross state lines (trailers do NOT count).

Not all states participate in the UCR program. If your state does not participate, you’re required to pay the fees through a neighboring state.

2023 UCR Fees are as follows:
$41.00 for 0 to 2 vehicles;
$121.00 for 3 to 5 vehicles;
$242.00 for 6 to 20 vehicles;
$844.00 for 21 – 100 vehicles;
Brokers pay the 0 to 2 fee tier,
Freight Forwarders pay the 0 to 2 fee tier,
Leasing Companies pay the 0 to 2 fee tiers.

Failure to pay your UCR fee will have major impacts on your business. Ramifications include USDOT officers will park your vehicles until the fees are paid in full. There may be additional penalties such as citations/fines.

You can go to http://www.ucr.gov to pay your UCR fees. If you prefer to outsource this to a compliance agency, we can assist you for $50.00 per company filing.

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