TX DOT Number

What is a TX DOT Number and why do I need it?
Texas requires businesses located inside the State to register for a TX DOT number. This number is also referred to as a TX DMV number. Any business operating a commercial vehicle and falls into a category below is required to have this:

— Operating a vehicle over 26,001 lbs.
— Hauling haz mat
— Transporting at least (15) people (including the driver)
— Transporting household goods
— Operating farm vehicles over 48,000 lbs.

If your company fits any of the above requirements, a TX DOT number must be obtained. Before applying for a TX DOT number, your company must have an active US DOT number.

Government Filings can assist you in obtaining a TX DOT number for a cost of $100.00 plus any applicable state fees. Please call today to get your TX DOT number.

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