Un-Dismiss Your Authority

I applied for Operating Authority awhile back and never did anything with it.
Are you ready to activate your operating authority but the FMCSA “dismissed” it? What does the status “dismissed” mean? It simply means your authority was never activated; usually due to lack of insurance.
The next steps to activate your authority AND keep your MC and US DOT numbers is as follows:
1. Make sure your US DOT is active. Click here to check your company snapshot using your US DOT number. If it’s inactive, an updated MSC-150 Report will need to be completed and submitted to the FMCSA.
2. After updating the MCS-150 Report, you will need to contact your insurance agent to have your insurance/bond electronically submitted with the FMCSA.
To un-dismiss your operating authority, I will verify your DOT is active, complete and submit the updated MCS-150 Report and file the request for un-dismissal with the FMCSA. Once your account is placed back into a pending status, it will then go through the normal channels as if it were a new application. Expect 1-2 weeks for activation.
To ensure your un-dismissal is taken care of immediately and correctly, please fill out the following form and pay the $100.00 fee and Government Filings LLC will handle this on your behalf.



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