Authority Reinstatement

I had operating authority and let it go. Now I need it back!
Operating authority (MC number) is sometimes revoked via yourself (your company) or the FMCSA. When that happens, you will need to have it reinstated.

To reinstate authority, you must have:
– Insurance filing(s) in place. (BMC-91X is most common; freight forwarders and brokers require the BMC-84)
– BOC-3 filing in place.

Upon having both filings in place and paying the $80.00 re-instatement fee, your operating authority should go active (4) days later. Our agency can assist you with the reinstatement process including speaking with your insurance agent to have correct filings electronically submitted to the FMCSA immediately. The filing(s) will show up the next day as the FMCSA website updates daily around 10am. If you are a current customer of Government Filings LLC and BOC-3 filing is up-to-date, there is no charge to assist you with this paperwork. If you are not a current customer, there is a $125.00 to file the BOC-3 and then the paperwork will be processed at cost ($80) on your behalf.


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