What is a BOC-3 and why do I need it?
1. A BOC-3 is an electronic filing required by the FMCSA branch of the USDOT.
2. This filing states the designated process agent’s blanket agents will serve you legal paperwork from the FMCSA, if necessary. FMCSA oversees over (2) million trucks daily on America’s roadways and this is their way of tracking  down companies.
3. The filing must be submitted to the FMCSA via a Designated Process Agent listed with the FMCSA. You can find their list here.
4. Filings are submitted electronically. Upon electronically submitting the filing, it shows up immediately. The FMCSA calls this a “live filing”. Government Filings LLC submits this filing electronically and shows up immediately.
5. BOC-3 filings can fall off for many different reasons. Examples being a name change after operating authority has been granted or cancellation of an insurance policy. It’s imperative you understand that when you pay a one-time fee company to file your BOC-3, you will pay them each time it needs to be re-filed in the event it falls off.

BOC-3 definition as quoted by the FMCSA: A BOC-3 is a United States federal filing that designates legal agents upon which process may be served. Process service agencies must employ or lease the services of individuals or entities within each state and be federally registered with the FMCSA in order to be able to grant a BOC-3.

The BOC-3 filing package will include the following benefits for $125.00 annually: The BOC-3 filing runs from January 1 – December 31 of each calendar year, regardless of the sign-up date. Anyone who signs up on November 1 or after will roll over into the next calendar year. 

  • Free, Immediate Electronic Filing of the BOC-3 and any re-files needed
  • Compliance assistance
  • Your company’s specific next steps
  • No additional or hidden processing fees if your company is served legal paperwork
  • Biennial and Information Updates to your MCS-150 Report
  • FMCSA address and contact information changes
  • Driver Qualification Files/Safety Compliance/Vehicle Maintenance Packets necessary to pass the New Registrant DOT Audit
  • Annual VMT (vehicle miles traveled) updates
  • Annual registration reminders

Give us a call today and let’s get your BOC-3 filed or fill in the below information and pay online! Online requests are processed within an hour.

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