New FMCSA Administrator

raymond-martinez-240x300Ray Martinez was approved by the U.S. Senate on February 13, 2018, to lead the federal agency responsible for creating regulations and motor carrier safety. Previously, he ran the motor vehicle departments for New York and New Jersey at different times, aided in the New York State Senate, served in the Reagan administration and worked as an attorney.

Martinez has stated he intends to uphold the agency’s electronic logging device mandate and institute data-driven reforms to the agency’s regulatory process and, specifically, the oft-criticized Compliance, Safety, Accountability program. “We need to be using sound science,” he said then. “The key thing is whether the data we use to compile these assessments are accurate, reliable and fair. If the data is unreliable, we lose credibility with stakeholders and the entities we regulate. And we do a disservice to the public.”

Hopefully Mr. Martinez will bring new ideas to the table and help trucks for hire, private carriers, brokers, freight forwarders, etc exceed business goals!



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